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Main Page - Main page of website.
Updates - List of recently updated pages. Basic Facts

Basic Facts - PIA basic facts with information like airline's IATA code, call sign, hubs and route network.
Livery - Description and photos of livery currently sported by PIA airliners.
Fleet - PIA fleet information and aircraft specifications.
Fleet Registration Numbers - Registration marks of aircraft flown by PIA.
PIA Premier - Information about PIA Premier service. History

History - History of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) with photos of its aircraft from past to present.
Historic Firsts - List of historic firsts achieved by PIA. Old Days

Aircraft of Old Days - Aircraft types flown by PIA in the past.
Old Fleet - Registration marks of aircraft registered in Pakistan flown by PIA in the past. Old Liveries

1950s - Description of 1950s PIA livery with photos.
1960s - Description of 1960s PIA livery with photos.
1970s - Description of 1970s PIA livery with photos.
Mid 1970s - Description of Mid 1970s PIA livery with photos.
1980s - Description of 1980s PIA livery with photos.
1990s - Description of 1990s PIA livery with photos.
1999-2003 - Description of 1999-2003 PIA livery with photos.
2004-2010 - Description of 2004-2010 PIA livery with photos.
2018 - Description of 2018 PIA livery with photos. Photos

Cargo Aircraft - Photos of PIA Cargo aircraft in various liveries from 1970s to 1990s.
Unusual Aircraft - Photos of aircraft leased by PIA in interesting hybrid liveries.
Special Markings - Photos of PIA aircraft with special markings.
Photo Gallery - Gallery of PIA aircraft photos from around the world.
Great Shots! - Beautiful, rare and excellent action photos of PIA aircraft. People

Legends - Photos of PIA's finest men and women.
People - Photos of PIA officials, pilots, cabin crew, ground crew etc.. Uniform

1954-1956 - Description of 1954-1956 PIA cabin crew uniform and photo of uniform.
1956-1960 - Description of 1956-1960 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.
1960-1966 - Description of 1960-1966 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.
1966-1975 - Description of 1966-1975 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.
1975-1986 - Description of 1975-1986 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.
1986-2003 - Description of 1986-2003 PIA cabin crew uniform, name of its designer and photo of uniform.
Current Design - Description of PIA cabin crew uniform currently in use, name of its designer and photo of uniform. In-flight

In-flight Magazine - Gallery of PIA in-flight magazine 'Humsafar' covers.
In-flight Meals - Photos of meals served on various international and domestic PIA flights.
Trip Reports - Trip reports with photos by PIA passengers. Memorabilia

Memorabilia - Photos of PIA memorabilia like old ads, passenger tickets, post cards, timetables etc..
Art & Craft - Photos PIA aircraft drawings, models etc. made by aviation enthusiasts and artists.
In Print - Useful and interesting articles on PIA appearing in various international magazines.
On Covers - PIA airliners on covers of leading aviation magazines and books. Accidents

Accidents - Description of major aircraft accidents in PIA's history.
Accident Photos - Photos of PIA aircraft accidents.
Hijackings - Description of aircraft hijackings in PIA's history.
Lost Airliner - Photos of PIA airliners destroyed in accidents. Forums

Forums - History of PIA forums. Feedback

Feedback - E-mail your suggestions and comments to webmaster.
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